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As expected this is about Syria.

Senator John McCain was catched playing a great american game. It wasn´t a big fault even if the moment, apparently, was far from ideal.

He was micro-gaming, playing the game within the game. Let´s go macro.

First, get this straight: Syria is the tool, it doesn´t mean much and it helps our amusement. A card, a tile or what the hell you want to name that long pieces from the tetris.

Second, there is a tetris game going on right now. It´s just that some other player prefer poker. They play poker in Iraq with some good ole royal flushes. Waste a minute in the internet just to look the amount of the contracts the US interests covet there.

Third, tetris is going out of style. It´s still played in Iran, Syria and ages ago in some other places like Libya or Iraq. Now they play poker in Libya and Iraq. One should expect that the tetris players would want to take a hard stance.

You would say, what do they play in Europe? They play mostly soccer but we are talking about other type of games. At most they are like those vultures that come to play a hand while you go to the bathroom.

Maybe some realize there isn´t a whole lot of discussion about mahjong. Well, they don´t like to fight for the right to play a game. They know very well that mahjong is a lengthy, brain based game.

When kids can´t reach an agreement they bow to their pro mediator, their ombudsman, usually a parent. No need to run circles. Ban-ki-moon or the security council don´t have that kind of auctoritas. Not with their bigger spoiled children.

Chemical weapons? Good grief.